Braviloni Salt & Pepper Grinder Set

Handmade Combo Pepper Grinder and Salt Shaker, item #sp 4

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Custom Handmade Combo Pepper Grinder and Salt Shaker


High Quality Handmade Combo Pepper Grinder and Salt Shaker- High quality and very Unique in style. Exceptionally popular as gifts or if you sell completed goods at the retail level in your store or at hunting or craft fairs and such. Very sturdy Combo Pepper Grinder and Salt Shaker all in one attractive unit that should last for years.

Overall height is approximately 6 3/4 inches

Convienient Salt and Pepper dispensing in one attractive unit

Easy to refill both Salt & Pepper

High Quality, long lasting ceramic grinding mechanism, not some cheap inferior plastic one found in many grinders of lesser quality

Chrome plated salt shaker top.

Simple to Fill

To Fill Pepper: - Unscrew adjusting nut, remove the head peace and fill lower container with pepper corns. Replace head peace and adjusting nut, then adjust nut to set the desired grind.

To Fill Salt: - Remove adjusting nut and salt shaker cap. Fill with granulated salt. Replace cap and adjusting nut.

Each of our Combo Pepper Grinder and Salt Shakers are turned and finished one at a time by popular Wood Turning Artist, Kristina Strauss. No two are ever the same, which is the true meaning of a custom item. We take pride in the quality and uniqueness of our work, and not in the volume that rolls out of a big factory assembly line. We are happy making a few hundred of these a year, and based on customer response at craft shows, we must be doing something right because we pretty much sell out of these at every show and have had many repeat customers come back and order additional ones for friends and family.

The one shown in the picture is the exact one you will receive.

They are milled in our own woodworking shop using select pieces of wood and quality ingredients. Where layered woods are present, we glue them up ourselves using waterproof Titebond Ii glue, which is also rated as being safe for contact with food.

Here is how to identify what wood the call is made from:

Red colored wood is Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar, Dark Brown is Walnut, Lighter Brown is Oak, Yellow/Green looking is Poplar, and slightly Orange Looking wood is Cherry.

We also sell custom made pizza cutters, Ice Cream Scoops, cutting boards, wood pens, 50 caliber bullet pens, wine stoppers, duck calls, deer calls, squirrel calls, and a whole host of other wood products.

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