Braviloni Salt & Pepper Grinder Set

Pair of Stainless Steel Salt & Pepper Grinder Mill Adjustable Coarseness

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Premium 304 Stainless STEELThis professionally brushed stainless steel salt and pepper grinder mill, this particular grinder set features a stainless steel top and a contemporary glass body for aesthetics and functionality.

Adjustable Ceramic RotorEasy full control of fine to coarse seasoning. Ceramic Rotor Mechanism Intricately designed rotor mechanism peels layer of pepper corn and shaves salt crystals to produce the most intense flavors. Creating the best seasoning & spice tools. It comes with adjustable ceramic grinding mechanism which allows you to easily adjust from a fine to coarse grind.

180 Ml High-Capacity and No MESSMaintains the shelf life and freshness of the spices. This easy-to-use snap-on cap is crafted for practical everyday use. No need constantly refill with high capacity, don't have to constantly clean up salt and pepper off the table because the grinder is on the top. They contain a sealing lid that fixes perfectly, keeping your ground spices freshly, away from moisture and dust, and free of undesirable residues on your table.

Adjustable Grind SettingPrefer a finer or coarser grind Customize the salt or pepper granularity to your tastes simply by twisting the knob on the ends of the mill. You may hold the head and twist the glass body if you don't like twist the top. The high-quality adjustable ceramic rotor, with five grinding levels from coarse to fine, will help you grind your spices to perfection.

For Healthy & Happy every day experience.

- Beautiful design and very simple to use!

- The lid easily pops off. Just grind your spices to release their freshness.

- Sold as a set, they are interchangeable, so you can use them for any other grind-able spice, as well.

Looking for contemporary & chic salt & pepper shakers with adjustable grinders

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With our non-rust, non-corroding stainless steel & glass shakers, you can see the pepper or salt in the jar as it stays fresh & dry.

Add beautiful mineral-rich colored salts such as pink Himalayan salt, red Hawaiian Alaea salt, or French gray sea salt.

How to use our Shaker / GRINDER:

Screw off the brushed stainless steel top from its glass jar & pour contents into the glass body. Replace the top. Pop off the flat stainless steel lid & turn the ceramic gear inside - right for coarse or left for a finer grind. Replace the top & remove the flat lid. By twisting the top, the jar's contents are ground. The glass is dishwasher safe. Dimensions: 5.7-by-5.6-by-2.9 inches.

These matching salt and pepper mills from Smtmall are classic looking & practical. Because they dispense from the top, these mills won't leave a mess on the table.

Quality Design - Quality Material - Quality Guarantee

Grind Fresh Herbs & Seasonings Quickly & Easily!

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