Braviloni Salt & Pepper Grinder Set

Salt Mills Salt And Pepper Grinder Set - A Dual Set Of Combo Grinders For Salt -

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Salt And Pepper Grinder Set - A Dual Set Of Combo Grinders For Salt Pepper Made Of Thick Glass Combined With Stainless Steel Top - Salt Pepper Mill Pair, Salt And Pepper Shakers

FRESH Spices Always: Have a nice meal or dinner always with a Salt Pepper Grinder set that is kept always fresh. The thick glass base the stainless steel top make sure of that. As they shut airtight, they are able to keep your spices fresh, dry and allow them to keep all their natural aromas.

Strong Mills For Strong Taste: With 6 oz capacity (180m) these tall salt pepper mills may keep your spices strong taste intact for longer - due to their air free ability. The device itself does not allow air or moisture to enter. Thus, your spices will maintain their strong taste for as long as you wish. Until you use all of them!

Made For All Spices: The grinders may grind any spice you choose, not just salt pepper. Peppercorns of any kind, salt natural and thick, kosher, himalayan or sea salt, chili pepper seeds, you name it! You may even grind small pieces of nuts and create a tasty trimming for your food or pastry!

When Quality Meets Quantity: The Salt and Pepper Shakers Set we provide is tall enough to fill with pepper and salt, and keep it at least for a few months. Its well made ceramic rotor is not going to fail you! Neither the thick glass, nor the stainless steel top will. Strong and sturdy this device is here to last and give a fine elegant touch in your kitchen and your table.

100 Money Back Guarantee: Finetouch Kitchen Is The Guarantee! Our company was created in the first place to produce fine kitchenware solutions for you, and your home. We are here to offer you excellent qualified products and even more excellent services. If you are not satisfied with the Salt Mill and Pepper Mill, you can get your Money Back. No Questions Asked.

Hungry How About A Fine, Strong Flavored, Spicy, Sweet Hot Steaming Tasty Spaghetti With Red Arabiata Sauce That really settles it! That is exactly what a hungry mind needs. An excellent meal with an excellent taste. This taste lies in the spices. But the spices must be fresh, flavorous, just grind and definitely spicy. Your First And Last Solution The thing is, that when it comes to fresh ground spices only one may help you. The Salt Pepper Grinder Set-Combo, from Finetouch Kitchen. Class A stainless steel, combined with excellent quality thick glass and a ceramic strong rotor have been merged to bring you a fine tool for your kitchen. One Mill To Grind Them All Grind any spices you Such as! All kinds of salt thin or thick, all kinds of peppercorns, red or black, any kind of spice with which you are going to create gastronomic masterpieces for you and your loved ones. You can gift mill set too! Any professional or home cook would absolutely love it! A superior device to keep your spices ever fresh, since it may keep them dry and well protected from moisture and air, that could taint them - the reason is the mills airtight sealing system. And if you are not entirely happy with your brand new salt and pepper grinder set have another one! The Salt and pepper grinders set comes with 2 Packs with every purchase And a 100 guarantee for those who wont fall for it. Enjoy Your Best Flavored Sauce Meals Today! Add To Your Cart Start Grinding Already!

Product Dimension : 0 inch. X0 inch. X0 inch.

Package Dimension :5.4 inch. X8 inch. X2.7 inch.

Product Weight :0.61 lbs.

Package Weight :1.45 lbs.

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