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Willow & Everett Salt and Pepper Shakers - Wood Salt and Pepper Grinder Set with

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Willow & Everett Salt and Pepper Shakers - Wood Salt and Pepper Grinder Set with Adjustable Coarseness - Salt and Pepper Mill Pair - Spice Grinder

Product Features

High Quality Wood, Glass And Stainless Steel Grinder Set This salt and pepper grinder set features a modern twist on the traditional wooden salt and pepper mill design. Each set contains one salt grinder and one pepper grinder which can hold 3/4 cup of salt, peppercorns or any other spice, in its generously sized glass reservoir. Salt and pepper not included.

BUILT For Convenience And Function Unlike other grinder sets, this salt and peppermill pair have their grinding mechanism on the top of the grinder, ensuring salt and pepper ends up only on your food - not all over your table. The ceramic grinder is non-corrosive and won't absorb flavors, while a plastic knob on top of each salt and pepper mill allows you to easily adjust from a fine to coarse grind.

EASY Refilling With No Messes Don't you hate constantly having to refill your salt and pepper shakers Standing about 5 1/4 inches tall this set is the perfect size to cut down on constant refills without being bulky or taking up too much space on your kitchen counter. When you do have to refill, the clear glass bodies will let you know when it's time! The stainless steel top easily screws off revealing a wide opening for easy and mess-free refills.

ELEGANT Design With its classic beech wood top, glass body and ceramic grinder, this unique duo is an elegant, sleek and organic looking addition to any kitchen. No tacky electrical grinders here means no batteries required-only a few effortless twists with your hand to experience that fresh himalayan salt, pepper, or other spice.

CUSTOMER Guarantee We're confident you'll love our Refillable Salt & Pepper Grinder set. However, if you're not completely satisfied, we'll give you a 100 refund within 90 days of purchase-NO Questions Asked. We have the best customer service on Amazon, and You, the customer, are our top priority. Add a set to your shopping cart today for a risk-free culinary experience!

Product Description

The Willow & Everett Story: Committed to Quality and Service

Willow & Everett was born out of two people's love for their kitchen and entertaining in their home. It was founded on the principle that the kitchen truly is the heart of the home, and the reality that any table is warmer with people gathered around it.

A funtional kitchen however, doesn't have to mean an un-stylish one! Tired of having two sets of every item in their home - one for functional use in the kitchen and one "nicer" set for hosting - the Willow & Everett founders decided to put an end to it.

True to its origins, Willow & Everett continues to design and offer customers kitchen and home products that deliver on both function And design, madeto be aesthetically pleasing as well as work-horses in the kitchen that will help you get the job done.

Veteran-founded and operated, Willow & Everett is not only focused on excellent quality products, but on giving back as well. Willow & Everett believes in giving out of what you have - no matter how big or small. Founded on that philosophy, the company gives 10 of its profits to the Wounded Warrior Project and to providing education and healthcare to children in impoverished areas of Uganda.

Unique Beech Wood, Glass and Stainless Steel Design

With its classic beech wood top, glass body and ceramic grinder, this unique duo is an elegant addition to any chef wanting to add a more organic and natural vibe to their kitchen.

Durable, beautiful and authentic beech wood is used to make the tops of these grinders making each set completely unique. Natural variances in the grain and color of the wood mean each set is different from the next.

High quality, glass reservoirs hold about 3/4 cup of salt, peppercorn or other spices meaning fewer refills for you!

The Perfect Gift!

This beech wood and glass salt and pepper grinder set is so unique it makes the perfect gift for a food and cooking-oriented family member or friend. Perfect for Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays, Valentine's day, anniversaries and Christmas!

Packaged in a well designed gift box all that's left for you to do is remember to put a bow on it!

The perfectly sized glass bases of these salt and pepper grinders accomodate just enough salt and pepper so that you're not constantly having to refill them. The wide opening makes the refilling process a breeze when the time does come. No more peppercorns and salt crystals spilling out the sides all over your counter!

An adjustable grinding mechanism also allows you to control the coarsness of your salt and pepper. Just turn left for a coarser grind, perfect for salads and garnishing, and right for a finer and more subtle seasoning. You can even use your new salt and pepper grinder set to grind other spices including coriander seed, allspice and anise.

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